CBT- Tools of Choice For IT Training

In terms of goals of training, there’s no significant difference between instructor-led or classroom training and computer based training (CBT). They’re obviously different in terms of delivery methods of instructional content.

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In formal training, a person can achieve the training through the use of a classroom with a instructor led. In comparison, the instructional content in CBT is delivered via the Internet, intranet or CD/DVD. It doesn’t require the presence of an instructor at the time of learning.

Training regarding Information Technology (or IT) widely uses CBT for two reasons: 1) the user knowledge of computers and 2) ever-changing nature of information technology. IT CBT training could be either used as the primary methods of IT training or supplements to instructor-led training. IT training videos and books are often used to supplement instructor-led training CBT Web Scraper.

The classroom with instructor led training delivers advantages for the person to use IT certification CBT. Trainees could study the subject further after the official training from the office at another location to further investigate the subject of Information Technology whether it’s how to use Microsoft Office or Cisco routers. The cost of instructor-led training is much higher since it may involve the course fees, travel expense and other miscellaneous costs. Unlike classroom training with limited period access to a trainer for the duration of the course, CBT allows learners to learn at their pace anytime and anywhere.

Classroom training is required for the subjects, such as team-building, which requires human interaction, or if you really want to get away from your office and budget is not a concern. The training for IT certifications often do not require human interaction, CBT often works better than instructor-led training, not to mention an certification training session often sometimes run as high as thousands of dollars. With IT certification CBT, IT professionals can study the subjects at their own time and pace over and over again. IT CBT training often provides simulation test to help testers to get familiar with the test topics so they can past the exams with high scores. IT certification CBT courses combine IT training videos with simulation test and interactive question-and-answers. The use of multiple learning methods greatly enhances training experience. Not to mention, when finishing the entire course, you’ll have an IT certification as a sign of accomplishment.

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