The 6ftx8ft Camouflage Poly Tarp

Probably the most popular size of camo poly tarp s the 6ftx8ft tarp. The camo tarp is so popular these days because it can be used for so many covering situations. Made from strong woven polyethylene, coated on both sides with one side in olive green, and the other in an army camouflage color. Each tarp is hemmed with a poly rope inserted into the hem to give the tarpaulin extra strength. Most quality camo tarps sold by tarp vendors have rust free aluminum grommets spaced at every 3 ft or less, furthermore many Camouflage tarps have plastic corner reinforcements.

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The quality of a camo tarp can vary from 2.0oz per sq yard up to 5.oz per sq yard. Most camo tarps are sold at 3.0oz per sq yard which is regarded as a good quality. When purchasing the tarp make sure the camouflage print is to your liking some vendors sell camo tarps with badly coated camouflage print. All camouflage tarps are printed on one side with the camo design, and after considerable ware and tear the print will show signs of wear. However, the tarp can be used for a long time after the print has worn as the base color is olive green which is very similar to a camouflage color tarpaulin sheet.

All camo tarps can be used for so many applications that it would be impossible to list. Some of the main uses are for hunting and fishing certainly they are very useful to camouflage individuals who are on a shoot. Very god for covering a hide for folks who like to go bird spotting. Another application is for covering a tree house. Probably one the main uses for camo tarps is for guys who pursue paint ball shoots. Kids love them for making an army shelter when playing war games. Or simply use the tarps for covering lumber in the back yard or for storing logs for the winter months. Some folks also use camouflage tarps as a ground sheet when camping and also most useful for putting on the grass during a picnic.

Summing up these useful lightweight poly tarps serve as a very useful piece of equipment for so many purposes, and being fully waterproof and economical to purchase they are an ideal item to have in the home.

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