Clearing Copyright: YouTube Cover Songs

Cover songs are a fast and relatively cheap way to get your talent noticed and discovered on YouTube.

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Making and uploading an inexpensive music video, synced to a cover song record, has helped many undiscovered singers share their talent with the world – and even some stars of today, make their claim to fame buy real youtube views .

But how do you make sure your video does not get suspended, or your account terminated?

In order to legally publish your cover song music video to YouTube, you need permission from the original song copyright holder, to use their song in conjunction with your cover recording and visuals.

Although the standard YouTube license offers a thin layer of protection for public domain songs, it does not guarantee that the original copyright holder of the song you opt to cover, automatically offers their approval – meaning your cover could potentially violate copyright and be taken down at any time.

There’s nothing worse than this, especially after you’ve collected some views, likes and subscribes already.

The permission you need to get to do things legally, is called a synchronisation license and a mechanical license, for the song you opt to cover and publish on YouTube.

There are many music rights companies that can help you get this license, so you may proceed to legally upload, share and publish your cover song video – without the risk of having it removed, or committing copyright infringements.

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