Glass Furnitures Add Style To Your Homes And Offices

Glass furniture is a part of modern furniture, though its origin can be traced back to as early as 1350 A.D. You must be surprised to know that people long as far as medieval, in kings and queens time period especially in European countries of Italy, England and France have used glass made furnitures in different ways to give them a separate identity from the rest. People with refined tastes, have always used designed work of glass to appear different from the ranksGlass furniture has seen many types of materials defining its make since the time it arrived. From silica, a type of sand used to make glass sheets which were then blended with wooden furniture to give a modern contemporary look to nowadays fully assembled, precision engineered glass components supported by classic metallic touch, glass furniture have seen it all.

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Whatever the transition, over the years, glass furniture has been able to keep all of its charm and extraordinarily diverse qualities intact.

Glass furnitures: its unique features GlassPaint H2O

Glass is fragile yet resistant, solid yet light, beautiful and at the same time, functional. They are perfect for dark walled less spaced interiors or those rooms without many windows, because glass absorbs less light than wood, metal, or stone. It gives a virtual addition of space by reflecting light in your home. Secondly, the best gift of glass furniture for any home owners who are choosy about designing their homes or offices is that it does not need to be coordinated to match woodwork or surrounding colors. It is one of the classic intrinsic qualities of glass is that it will blend perfectly with any interior design theme and/or color scheme.

A touch of style and sophistication is instantly added when decorating with glass furniture. Glass works wonders when you have to beautify a space instantly. Glass lends a touch of beauty and elegance to any area. Glass side or center tables like coffee tables are easy for decorating purposes, but they are also highly functional. Glass-topped tables are less susceptible to spills and staining with clean wipe using your regular glass cleaner will get back your beautiful furniture.Glass furniture also has a symbol of transparency. This gives a neat look and therefore enables the flow of positive vibes. Glass cuts through the boredom in office environment too. The days of the heavy solid wood furnitures ruling the roost, is on decline. Also these days, transparency is the in-thing in offices in UK as well as around the world and as a result glass furnitures are increasingly making way in the professional corporate world

Glass furnitures: what to look before buying

One of the greatest fear for you as a buyer of glass furnitures is whether it is safe and long lasting. The good news, relax!, technology has taken care of it. Almost all glass furnitures are made from tempered glasses or toughened glasses nowadays and if the one you are buying are not, keep your self away from it. The reason for this is other types of glass when breaks gives out sharp broken pieces and there are many cases of people getting severely injured with this pieces whereas when tempered glass breaks, it breaks into small pieces that aren’t likely to cause serious injury. Glass that has been tempered can stand up to oven-like temperatures and a lot of abuse. Its much spoken durability will not leave you with furniture full of scratches and bruises. It is a very strong material that can withstand a lot of scratches from rough tableware or crushing due to something heavy being dropped. This manufacturing quality of tempered glass makes it a beautiful piece of work that is intended to be used time and again for many years to come. However there are many glass furnitures shops who advise their glass furnitures to be tempered which is proved wrong when the accident happens.

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