Learn When To Take Insurance At A Blackjack Casino

Any search of casino games will normally result in a few popular games, blackjack, being one such game. A blackjack game can often be one of the most straightforward casino games a player can play, however it does require a fair amount of strategy.

The game of blackjack, or 21 blackjack as some may call it, has been around since the 1700’s. Although originally brought over from Europe, the game caught on in America also and the popular name of vingt et un, was quickly changed to blackjack.

Learning how to play blackjack is relatively straightforward. All players are dealt two cards by the dealer, one face up and one face down. The goal of online blackjack is to have a hand worth more than the House without having a total of more than 21. If a player requests a hit (known as taking another card in blackjack rules) and goes over a total of 21, this is known as going bust, and the player loses his hand and bet.

However, at times the dealer and the player will both have the same hands. If the internet blackjack game appears to be a tie, a push will occur in the blackjack game. This means that neither the House nor the player takes the hand, and all blackjack bets are returned to their original owners ceme online .

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Another blackjack strategy that players should be aware of is insurance. This option is only made available when the dealer has an up card which is an Ace. Before the dealer checks his hole card (his face down card), a player can opt to put insurance on the dealer’s hand. The player is then betting that the dealer has in their hand a natural or a two card 21 (an ace and a card with a value of 10). This can be a lucrative bet for the player as it pays off 2:1, if successful.

The term insurance comes from the idea that a player can protect his original bet even if the dealer has a blackjack. By betting the full half of your original bet, a player can re-earn the money they would likely have lost if a player has blackjack. When playing casino blackjack, players should note that the insurance bet is put on a special portion of the table, which usually has the words “Insurance Pays 2:1”.

Some card sharks are weary about using insurance because it does give the house a considerable advantage. In fact, an unbiased insurance wager would actually pay at 9:4 and not 2:1. However, if the player has been counting cards, he may know that more than a third of the deck is ten value cards, in which case insurance becomes a good bet.

Counting blackjack cards is a popular trick, and comes in handy in scenarios like buying insurance or hitting on a hard 17. Players can feel more confident about making larger bets if they know what has been played.

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