Average GRE Scores

The average GRE score differs for each part of the examination. According to the numbers released for the years 2004 to 2008, the i hate math GRE verbal score average is 462, while the GRE quantitative score average is 584. In the third part of the examination, the writing exam, the average score is 4.0.

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What Is a GRE Score?

A GRE score is scoring on the “Graduate Record Examination”, a standardized test that many U.S. graduate schools use as an admission requirement. People hoping to attend schools in other English-speaking countries also might encounter the GRE test. The level of emphasis placed on this score varies widely from one institution to the next, even inside a country.

The cost of the Graduate Examination general test is around $160 American. There are four major parts of the test, though only three count towards your final grade: the verbal section, the quantitative section, the analytical writing section (issue task, argument task), and the experimental section. The experimental section involves experiments questions the GRE organizers are considering for later tests, but these do no count towards your grade. This section is interspersed with the rest of the exam, though, so you have no way of knowing which questions count towards your grade.

GRE Examination Sections

The Verbal Section involves reading comprehension and multiple-choice sections based on analogies and completions. The Quantitative Section is also multiple-choice, and involves problem solving and comparison questions to test high-school level math skills. The analytical sections involves the writing of two different essays. The “issue task” essay is a 45-minute essay which allows you to choose between two topics, while the “argument task” essay gives the student 30 minutes to read an argument and critique the strengths and weaknesses in that argument.

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