Blog and Blogging, An Explosive Outbreak Since the Internet

Blogs. There are millions of them out there, with tens of thousands new articles posted on a daily basis. Some talk about the kitchen soup, others on some university academic excellence. Many are plain and simple about daily mundane things like, “My favorite cousin is coming to visit me today and we’re gonna chill out.” Let’s say that a greater percentage are almost as ordinary. Whatever, we can still hope that a portion of those daily new posts could be about the more important things in life – about self growth maybe, or about your business..

Blogs – they’re one of the most explosive phenomena breaking out in the information industry since the Internet itself…and no one can afford to close their eyes to them ’cause they’re going to shake up just about every business — including yours, if they haven’t done so yet. It doesn’t matter whether you’re trading little items like little toys from China, electronic gadgets, videos and CDs, or the latest Apple iPhone… blogs are a phenomenon that you cannot close your eyes to, turn away from, or pass up for long With all the progress going on, blogs or their use for your business are not something you can neglect. They’re a necessity.

Some people don’t like blogs. Don’t even want to hear about those millions of blog entries that keep on filling up every corner of the web. It’s true, you may not like a lot of them. Bloggers blog just about anything – even what others may consider to be garbage. Anyway, others consider them interesting. Take the blogs that are good tabloid materials or just plain gossips to some. They sell and some get rich out of them. They must be good as there’s demand for them.

In the last decade blogging has grown from an interesting pastime for people to publish their personal thoughts and opinions on every imaginable subject, to a full fledged marketing platform for advertising and promotion. Today the Blogosphere has become a playground for big business and the work-at-home entrepreneur to ply their wares and make money online.

According to Technorati and BlogPulse there were 164 million blogs in 2011 and Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere 2011 Report reveals that corporate and entrepreneurial bloggers together account for 21% of the Blogosphere, or about 34 million blogs. To say that the field is crowded is an understatement.

So how does the ordinary guy or gal who is working from home to earn a few extra dollars, get their blog to stand out from all the rest and be noticed? Seems like a very tall order. The truth is there’s no singular step, tool or strategy that can deliver a solution on its own. A multi-pronged approach is necessary.

Of course the aim is to increase blog traffic so that you can make more sales, and more sales equals more profits. There are several simple things you can do on a regular basis that will expand your reach and make all that possible.

For starters you should become familiar with the marketing industry, the marketplace in general, your niche in particular and the role of the search engines. Understanding how these elements relate will give you a better grasp of how to create promotional campaigns that can expose your message to the right audience.

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