Three P of Project Management – Project Scoping & Planning, Process and People

Project Management has become more and more important as the life cycle of the product is getting shorter and shorter. If you just take a good look at the mobile phone, how many color of mobile phone do we have 10 – 15 years ago.

I believe, it has only one color and there are not many models around as well PMP certification . But, let’s look at the situation today, how many models and color of mobile phone do we have today? I don’t think I’m able to count.

When the product life cycle is getting shorter, companies have to keep introduce new products to the market. And, when you need to introduce more new products, we always need R&D which involves project management and new product introduction (NPI). Therefore, project management skill has become an essential skill in an organization.

Now, if you look at the definition of a project according to Wikipedia, a project is defined in the field of project management, consists of a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a product or service. As the product life cycle becomes shorter and shorter, I believe one day everything that we produce may be just a temporary endeavor, even services.

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