Caring for Porcelain Dolls

Your precious porcelain doll did what? Your china Indian fell off of the shelf and broke its arm. Say it isn’t true; but if it is, what then? Doll hospitals can help, staffed by certified doll doctors. Porcelain doll arms, legs, and heads are offered on e-Bay, from outlets listed on the web, and in sometimes the most unexpected places such as flea markets, juncque sales, and auctions.

The safest place for that single Caroline Taylor porcelain doll or an entire collection of Danbury Mint or Norman Rockwell dolls, is in a dustproof display case ラブドール . That is not much fun, however, for the children who visit or live with you. Unfortunately the body oils on admirer’s fingers can, over time, stain the fabric of antique silk or satin. Depending on the value you place on your porcelain historical doll, that Victorian lady, or your Gone With the Wind characters, you may want to handle the dolls with cotton gloves-literally. Clean white cotton prevents oil damage or snags from a rough fingernail.

Should your porcelain doll, full-size or miniature, have human hair as the highly desirable antiques often do, careful grooming with a cosmetic brush can remove dust from the hair and from the clothing. Probably not needed to be said is the warning about no harsh chemical of any sort; none should be used on a porcelain doll or its clothing. Better to leave an old stain than to destroy the fabric trying to clean it.

When and if you really must do something about a porcelain doll’s clothing, you might consider purchasing a replacement gown. It is fairly easy to find doll clothing online and some of it is actually original, antique and vintage items remaining over when a Norman Rockwell character was damaged beyond restoration. Some may be from the wardrobe of a very well-dressed collectible porcelain doll that may have been passed along without all of its clothes.

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