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Fruits, vegetables, beans, grains, soya based products, seeds, lentils, chickpeas, tofu and nuts are rich in protein and other nutrients. A low fat vegan diet will help you to naturally lose weight and remain healthy. Research has also shown that vegan diet lowers cholesterol levels and improves the functioning of kidneys.

That’s why they say to wash your fruits and vegetables before you eat them. Get rid of the animals, and you also get rid of the contamination. Looks like PETA sent their militant minions over to this site to provide unbalanced commentary. It’s clear taht you vegans have not even looked into what WAPF supports. They are opposed to factory farming and have made a convincing case for eating animal products that were produced using grass, not grain.

do vegans live longer

It’s important to go at your own pace and to decide on a method that works best for you. Here are some ideas and guidelines to structure your transition to veganism, just be sure to tailor them to your specific needs. Additionally, both coffee and tea drinkers benefit from a 20–30% lower risk of early death compared to non-drinkers . Studies also link healthy social networks to positive changes in heart, brain, hormonal, and immune function, which may decrease your risk of chronic diseases . Similarly, the risk of premature death is up to three times higher for anxious or stressed men compared to their more relaxed counterparts . Many of the foods that have been linked to better concentration are plant-based.

We have commented on the link between vegetarianism and heart disease, cancer, obesity and food poisoning above. The main change in the American diet paralleling the huge increase in health problems is the substitution of vegetable oils for animal fats. A secondary change is the industrialization of agriculture. The solution to our health crisis is to return to pasture-based farming methods and the animal food-rich diets of our ancestors.

Foods That Make Your Pee Smell Is This Good Or Bad?

The tails of farmed animals are “docked,” or cut off, using docking irons, elastrator bands, emasculators, or by surgical excision. These practices are incredibly stressful and painful for animals. A 2017 report by the United Egg Producers estimated that 85 percent of commercial egg production in the U.S. used battery cages, compared with 90 percent globally. Battery cages are usually a few feet wide and 15 inches high, leaving no room for chickens to spread out or stretch their wings. Multiple birds are stuffed into these small spaces and are unable to carry out natural behaviors such as perching, dust-bathing, foraging, and roosting.

Of course, sometimes you really want that Boca Burger (or Impossible Burger, or Beyond Meat Burger, or Gardein, or… there are many, many delicious options). The material in this site is intended to be of general informational use and is not intended How long does it take for CBD gummies to start working? to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis, or recommended treatments. All products and services featured are selected by our editors. Health.com may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website.

Australia’s vegan market was projected to have a growth rate of 9.6 percent during the period considered. In 2012 there were an estimated 150,000 vegans in the UK, a number thought to have increased dramatically. Mintel’s 2014 report on the market for dairy drinks, milk and cream, showed the non-dairy market jumping from 36m litres in 2011 to 92m litres in 2013, an increase of 155%. Plant-based, non-dairy foods are worth £150.6m a year and sales of soya-based alternatives to yoghurt are rising by 8% year on year.

“The message, for everyone, is it makes sense to have a well-planned diet, and to eat a wide variety of foods. Proponents of Paleo and Low-Carb diets suggest that plant-based diets, particularly those rich in grains and legumes, promote disease, ulti… Standard Mortality Rates and their 95% CIs for all-cause mortality, dietary group, and 5-year follow-up period, separately for males and females. (○, female vegetarians; •, female nonvegetarians; □, male vegetarians; ▪, male nonvegetarians). Suggesting that reverse causation may have attenuated the results for the entire follow-up.38This difference in mortality was considerably stronger than the mortality difference between vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Cancer incidence for vegetarians compared to health conscious non-vegetarians in a meta-analysis using the fixed effects model.

There have been a number of studies that indicate that carnosine may be a potential factor in increasing one’s health and/or preventing certain health-related problems such as brain deterioration, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. As one can see the lack of B-12 increases the likelihood of unwanted symptoms which leads to disease which leads to a possible early death. Maybe up the amount of B-12 in your diet while pregnant, as a recent study showed mothers that did do this had babies scoring higher on language tests at the age of two and a half.

What Alcohol Is Vegan?

I’ve never been fat, however, I cannot stay really slim if I eat meat. I eat no sugar, no processed foods, no vegetable oils, no dairy, no meat. If vegetarians don’t live longer than meat eaters, apparently, meat eaters also do not live longer than vegetarians. Additionally, I feel physically much better eating a vegan, no sugar diet, than I ever did when I ate red meat.

In 2014, more than 5,700 older adults were killed and more than 236,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes. Per mile traveled, fatal crashes increase noticeably starting at age 70 and are highest among drivers age 85 and older, a highway safety organization says. If you’re feeling unsafe behind the wheel, it might be time to look for alternative transportation. This and other smart publications can keep you up to date on health info. Studies have shown that when people are empowered with information to make important medical decisions, it not only enhances their well-being but also improves a treatment’s effectiveness.

Because it takes complex carbohydrates longer to break down, your body will be getting that energy at a steady pace instead of all at once. This means it will provide you with energy for longer and it will also keep your blood sugar stable. Like many vegan celebrities, the Culture Club singer first turned to a plant-based diet of raw whole foods in a bid to ditch weight after piling on the pounds. However, despite being an animal rights advocate, Maggie prefers not to call herself a vegan so as not to alienate people from going plant-based. Like many vegan celebrities, Mraz first adopted a plant-based diet thanks to its numerous health benefits. In a blog post, Mraz said he was “feeling stronger, fitter, healthier and more productive” thanks to his plant-based diet.

Myth Debunked: Do Vegetarians Live Longer?

“The impact on the environment that meat and dairy have and that factory farming has on the environment, and what it does to the animals, how horribly they’re kept. In fact, when I was a kid I would have a really difficult time eating meat at all,” he toldParade. A staunch animal-rights activist, Dinklage has appeared in several PETA campaigns over the years such as the Face Your Food video.

Lately I’ve been seeing some amazing reports of people reversing many health problems, including and perhaps especially diabetes, with either fasting, keto, carnivore, or a combination of these diets. Vegetables aren’t necessarily bad for everyone, but apparently they are for some! I suppose they may not stay on it forever, but some have been doing it for years, with great results, plenty of energy, good blood tests, etc.

First, despite efforts to establish adequate intake levels for choline, people’s individual requirements can vary tremendously — and what looks like enough choline on paper can still lead to deficiency. Although the amylase issue is relevant to anyone with a mouth, plant-based diets centered on grains, legumes, and tubers are likely to bring any latent carb intolerance to the fore. When people with low amylase consume starch , they experience steeper, longer-lasting blood sugar spikes compared with those with naturally high amylase levels . In general, people from starch-centric cultures tend to carry more AMY1 copies than people from populations that historically relied more on fat and protein, pointing to a role of selective pressure . Depending on how many copies of the amylase-coding gene you carry, along with lifestyle factors like stress and circadian rhythms, amylase levels can range from “barely detectable” to 50% of the total protein in your saliva . Although there are certainly exceptions, meat-free diets tend to be higher in carbohydrates than fully omnivorous ones .

Though the results are promising for vegetarians who believe in the long-term health benefits of their diets, as with many scientific studies, it’s important to remember that correlation doesn’t imply causation. For some, a decision to become a vegetarian, or to adopt a reduced-meat diet, can be met with a degree of friction from family, friends or peers. It’s rare, for example, to meet a vegetarian who hasn’t been quizzed on their source of protein, or hasn’t been asked to present an explanation for their diet.

Some studies report that a vegan diet is beneficial to individuals with type II diabetes while others report that it exerts no health benefits on diabetes risk . Whole grains are also a good source of phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamins, trace minerals, and fiber, in addition to their other nutrients. Indeed, because of their high nutritional value, eating more whole grains is connected with lower blood pressure, a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, a lower risk of several malignancies, and lower blood sugar levels. So of course, vegans have a better chance of living longer. They have fewer health problems and, on average, have the most antioxidants and other biomarkers in their bodies. A study of more than 70,000 Japanese adults found that people who ate the most plant protein had a 13% lower all-cause mortality rate than those who ate the least.

10 This suggests that when restricting the analysis to long-term vegetarian Adventists, the difference in life expectancy compared to the Mormons would be even greater. 7 However, and more importantly, a later paper on the Californian Adventists found that those who adhered to a vegetarian diet for at least 17 years were expected to live 3.6 years longer than those who adhered for fewer years. Never mind what your grade school teachers said; fidgeting is good.

Of course Vegans would never eat the blood of any animal so they could never be a vampire. A plant-based diet will definitely help if you have diabetes, and let you reverse it. Research has shown that diets rich in animal protein, saturated fat and hormones increase the risk.

Many vegan foods boost blood circulation – including to the brain, which has a positive effect on the libido. Eating these foods actually improves circulation to all parts of the body, so we have a much higher chance of getting the results we’re looking for in the bedroom. Suicide rate too would be low among vegans since removal of meat, fish and poultry from your diet significantly improves your mood scores, as suggested by a recent study. Now, here is proof that the plant based diet is growing in demand.

Cheese substitutes can be made at home, including from nuts, such as cashews. Yoghurt and cream products can be replaced with plant-based products such as soy yoghurt. Plant milks—such as soy milk, almond milk, cashew milk, grain milks , hemp milk, and coconut milk—are used in place of cows’ or goats’ milk. Soy milk provides around 7 g (¼oz) of protein per cup , compared with 8 g (2/7oz) of protein per cup of cow’s milk.

Taking into account the water contained in drinks like milk and tea and in foods like watermelon, your daily intake of fluids can be determined by dividing your weight in half. The resulting number is the number of ounces of fluids you need each day. Maintain youthful energy levels by eating healthy carbohydrates. Sugars, starches, and fiber are all types of carbohydrates. Simple sugars are digested more quickly than complex carbohydrates.

Long-term vegans report good health, while former vegans recount their gradual or rapid decline. You’ve made it to PlantYou, the community of over a million people who want to eat more plants. Join our meal planner, listen to the podcast, or enjoy some of our delicious free recipes. The studies resumed in 2002, funded by the National Institutes of Health, with a new population of vegetarian Seventh Day Adventists. These studies are showing unbelievable data according to Yahoo! Lifestyle. There are many reported health benefits resulting from drinking Kombucha, and you might even find it a refreshing cold drink to replace potentially more harmful sodas.

Shortly after I arrived, local vegan food writer Waz Wu explained the city’s scene had matured since she arrived from New York City in 2016. ‘Calcium is another mineral that you may worry you aren’t getting enough of whilst following a plant-based diet. Sticking to a new way of eating can be really difficult, especially for your willpower. So, it’s very important to make it as easy as possible for yourself.

The most common types of vegan cheeses are cheddar, gouda, parmesan, mozzarella, and cream cheese that can be found in non-dairy forms. Several studies over the years have shown that shorter people tend to live a little longer than taller people and have fewer long-term diseases as they age. Pushing all this forward, though, are increased demands for food from a growing global population and specifically our growing appetite for meat and fish. In the poll conducted by Demoskop, six per cent of respondents said they were vegetarians, while four per cent said they were vegans. The highest prevalence was seen among 15–34 year-olds, with 17 per cent describing themselves as vegetarian or vegan. The Brewers are an example of the increasing move towards veganism in Australia, now the third-fastest growing vegan market in the world, after the United Arab Emirates and China.

In contrast to meal smoothies, these light and fresh smoothies can give you a quick boost of energy. These smoothies are an amazing way to sneak in extra greens and super-foods. However, they aren’t likely to keep you feeling full for long. Smoothies can be great meal replacements and a way to sneak in extra protein! However, they also can lead to lots of unwanted calories if used incorrectly. I’m sure you’ve heard of a million different smoothie recipes for weight loss, right?

As a result, she has always been conscious of her dietary choices. She turned vegetarian at the age of 12 saying it was a “natural choice”, but went fully vegan in 2012. Keen to share the benefits of veganism, Mayim has even published her Les bonbons au CBD aident-ils à dormir ? own vegan cookbook, Mayim’s Vegan Table, with over 100 family-friendly plant-based recipes. Bialik first cut meat from her diet aged 19, but took the plunge and went vegan after reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s 2009 book, Eating Animals.

A vegan diet is richer in nutrients, fiber, proteins and phytochemicals which help fight cancer. Studies were conducted on people who followed a vegan diet. The finding indicates that food choices play a major role in the overall well-being of an individual. If we do, we may be afforded added years to enjoy the harvest. As long as we don’t live significantly shorter lifespans on average, then we are still ethically compelled to choose a vegan lifestyle in order to reduce animal suffering. The body needs more than 2 micrograms of B12 every day, and just one 3-ounce serving of beef provides 1.5 micrograms, so heat up that grill and throw on a steak!

In fact, Concentrated ANYTHING will be impossible be it meat or plants, lacking the oil fuel to run distribution networks. Eating small amounts of animal products won’t kill you but saying that being Vegan will, flys in the face of millions of vegans that have done it for generations. You informed on some things, but lost all my respect with your opinions. They weren’t needed for this article and the one in #22 that I quoted made you sound like the narrow-minded, ignorant meat eaters who for some reason still believe people can’t survive without meat. Your rebuttal to them is to only eat -grass-fed beef and beef that is grown on sustainable farms that rotate crops and don’t used chemical fertilisers.

That’s because the body produces endorphins to reduce the heat from the capsaicin in the peppers; those endorphins also reduce pain and inflammation. Over about 6 years, there were 2,570 deaths among the participants. The researchers found that vegetarians (those with vegan, and lacto-ovo-, pesco-, and semi-vegetarian diets) were 12% less likely to die from all causes combined compared to nonvegetarians. The death rates for subgroups of vegans, lacto-ovo–vegetarians, and pesco-vegetarians were all significantly lower than those of nonvegetarians.

Followers of Jainism believe that all living organisms, including microorganisms, are living and have a soul, and have one or more senses out of five senses. They go to great lengths to minimise any harm to any living organism. They therefore prefer eating beans and fruits, whose cultivation involves killing fewer microorganisms. No products obtained from already-dead animals are allowed because of potential violence against decomposing microorganisms.

Studies do show that vegetarians on average have lower body mass than non-vegetarians, but vegetarianism does not confer protection from stroke and diabetes and provides only minimal protection against heart disease. Some people do gain weight—lots of weight—on a vegetarian diet and many vegetarians are far too thin. Instead, they fill their plates with vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, and legumes. This type of diet can lead to numerous health benefits, including weight loss, better digestive function, improved energy, and reduced risk for certain diseases.

A 2016 British study finds that sitting for seven or more hours a day increases your risk of dying by 30 percent — except among active fidgeters, who see no increased risk. Nearly 5,000 pedestrians are killed annually in the U.S., according to the latest federal figures, and nearly 20 percent of those deaths were among adults age 65 and older. If you walk for your health — and we hope you do — stay safe and consider doing so at the mall, a community health center or a park. And doctors are literally prescribing it instead of medication. “There is no pill that comes close to what exercise can do,” says Claude Bouchard, director of the human genomics laboratory at Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Louisiana.

Do Vegans Wear Pearls?

They are the reason for the destroyment of our earth and every living creature in our planet. I think anyone’s skin can look old if they are not eating enough of the right nutrition, but that would mainly be for people who eat meat. If a vegan has deficiencies it’s because they are not eating enough of the right stuff.

For example, say there’s some disease that has a two percent chance of killing you every year, but there’s some drug that cuts your risk 50 percent. That sounds amazing, but then you realize that at the end of a year, your All CBD for Pets risk will only have fallen from two percent down to one percent, so the absolute reduction of your risk is only one percent. So, to say the drug cuts your risk of dying by 50 percent seems like you’re overstating things.

Now, not all vegan diets actually contain a lot of vegetables and fruits. But the vegans who do eat their veggies should experience lower levels of inflammation, as they don’t have meat contributing to their inflammation levels. People who eat meat are also 3 times more likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease when compared to long term vegetarians. It is also found that Alzheimer’s can be treated using plant based products like spice saffron. “For example, compared with those who eat meat more than four times a week, the dementia risk of people who have consumed vegetarian diets for 30 years or more is three times lower,” Dr. Greger wrote.

Omega-3 fatty acids are found in both fish and flaxseeds, but your body doesn’t absorb the plant-based form as readily as the omega-3s from seafood. Plant-based supplements are available if your diet needs more of these heart-healthy fats. One large review of vegans and vegetarians in the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, and Japan suggests that people who follow the vegan diet have a nine percent lower risk of death from all causes, compared with omnivores.

It can be hard to see the link between animal agriculture and world hunger at first, but it is there. Farming animals is a wasteful and inefficient way to produce food when compared with growing plants to feed humans directly. Farmed animals take a higher level of food from the global Lilah supply chain than they provide. We grow more crops than it would take to feed all humans globally, just to feed farmed animals. A Well-Fed World notes that in 2019 we fed and slaughtered some 75 billion land animals, although there were only around 7.5 billion humans on Earth.

In 2021 Marks & Spencer also created a 31-day vegan meal plan, while Tesco ran an advertising campaign to promote Veganuary on radio and television. Veganuary’s Toni Vernelli spoke of how the Aldi website features a message which says that cutting down on or totally avoiding animal products demonstrates a commitment to make a difference to the planet. Your doctor or a dietitian can help you choose the right foods as you start a vegan diet. It’s very important to get help from an expert if you have a long-term condition or you’re pregnant, to make sure you get the right mix of nutrients in your new eating plan. If you invite a dinner guest who’s a vegan, you’ll want to check your menu carefully to make sure it follows two basic rules.

One study found that vegans were less likely to smoke or consume alcohol than meat-eaters. Also, they tend to be more likely to have a normal body mass index , to engage in regular physical activity, and to abstain from eating foods that have been highly processed. This may explain why a recent review found that while vegetarians are more likely to live longer than the general population, their life expectancy is no higher than that of similarly health-conscious meat eaters . A healthy vegan diet is typically defined as one that’s rich in minimally processed plant foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds, with very few processed junk foods.

Reasons Why People Become Vegans

Some people decide to go vegetarian or vegan because they can’t bear the thought of harming any living creature. Others do it for the health perks, of which there seem to be many. If your diet isn’t planned properly, you could miss out on essential nutrients. The NHS goes on to say that vegetarians need to make sure they get enough iron and vitamin B12, and vegans enough calcium, iron and vitamin B12. Women are thought to be at particular risk of iron deficiency, including those on a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Explores the role a healthy diet can play in preventing, treating, and even reversing the top 15 killers in the United States. Let’s take a closer look at what the good doctor has pulled together… The German Society for Nutrition cautioned against a vegan diet for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, babies, children, and adolescents. One of the most common claims made by advocates of vegetarian and vegan diets is that people who abstain from eating meat or all animal products live longer than meat-eaters.

“Vegan” (or “animal-free”) farming uses plant compost only. By 2016, 49% of Americans were drinking plant milk, and 91% still drank dairy milk. In the United Kingdom, the plant milk market increased by 155 percent in two years, from 36 million litres in 2011 to 92 million in 2013. There was a 185% increase in new vegan products between 2012 and 2016 in the UK. The first vegan society in the United States was founded in 1948 by Catherine Nimmo and Rubin Abramowitz in California, who distributed Watson’s newsletter.

Who Is The Most Famous Vegan?

Vegetables include beets, carrots, spinach, cauliflower, lettuce, broccoli, celery, and others. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the healthiest, but in the winter months, when they are not available, purchasing frozen fruits and vegetables is a good solution. Avoid fried and breaded fruits and vegetables because they also contain a lot of fat. ‘Additionally, a diet high in healthy plant foods is believed to reduce type 2 diabetes risk due to the high levels of fibre, healthy unsaturated fats, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. All that aside, I don’t think it’s a great idea for anyone to eat food-like products that are laden with chemicals and other artificial crap, and whether or not you are vegetarian or you eat meat, I think that is pretty universal.

To keep consumption moderate, it is recommended that women aim for 1–2 units or less per day and a maximum of 7 per week. Men should keep their daily intake to less than 3 units, with a maximum of 14 per week . One study reports that individuals who quit smoking by age 35 may prolong their lives by up to 8.5 years .

Not only is Morrissey vegan, but he’s also a vocal animal rights advocate too. Morrissey even famously penned a heart-wrenching song entitled ‘Meat Is Murder’ decades ago as the former frontman of rock band The Smiths. The controversial songwriter first went vegetarian aged 11 before cutting out animal products entirely at the turn of the 2010s, according to The Telegraph.

This study looked at biomarkers of chronic inflammation, predominantly C-reactive protein levels, and their correlations to diet. • Eating fruits and vegetables raised carotenoid levels in the skin. This is an interesting study on a specific antioxidant and wrinkles. Researchers tracked carotenoid antioxidant levels in peoples’ skin and how it was affected by diet and stress.

It weakens the immune system and raises blood pressure while increasing the risk for heart attacks and stroke. By contrast, people with strong ties to friends and family have as much as a 50 percent lower risk of dying, according to a study in PLOS Medicine. A 2016 study by researchers at the University of California, San Diego found that those who use Facebook also live longer, but only when online interactions don’t completely supplant face-to-face social interaction. There are healthy versions, and there are unhealthy versions. Most vegans will make the decision due to a mix of moral or health reasons. I know vegans who have no issue with the killing of an animal to eat but don’t eat meat based on the appaling conditions that the animals are kept in.

For women, being vegetarian added an extra 6 years to their lives, helping them reach 85 years on average. Studies showing health benefits of vegetarian diets are highly susceptible to the healthy-user bias, and their findings are not generalizable to the wider population. This means that, across these three studies, Mormons had a significantly longer lifespan than their counterparts in the general population. This provides even more evidence that a healthier lifestyle, rather than abstaining from meat, was responsible for the survival advantage of vegetarians observed in the SDA studies.

I am very happy with my decision and I think am healthier than I have ever been. I eat a very balanced diet, checked for calcium, protien and vitamins/minerals, but I do also take a calcium, and a vitamin b12 pill every day to be safe. CBD Gummies With THC I am athletic, I play tennis six days a week and lead an active lifestyle and I feel good! I have energy for my day, and my sport, I’m happy and enjoy my food, and I recover very quickly after a rigorous tennis match or practice.

Do Cats Live Longer Or Dogs Live Longer?

Alpha-linolenic acid , an essential omega-3 fatty acid, is found in flaxseeds, walnuts, and vegetable oils, such as canola and soybean oil. EPA and DHA, the other omega-3 fatty acids, are found only in animal products and algae. The human body can use ALA to synthesize Was ist CBD? DHA and EPA in small amounts. These nutrients are available in plant foods, with the exception of vitamin B12, which can be obtained only from B12-fortified vegan foods or supplements. Iodine may also require supplementation, such as using iodized salt.

Also, years ago I went on a strict Pritikin diet for runners which included eating poultry and I felt great. Plant-based diets support healthy aging and could significantly reduce the risk of cardiometabolic diseases, including diabetes and heart disease, finds a new review. Share on Pinterest New research suggests that vegan foods may prevent age-related diseases. This is likely due to the fact that vegans tend to have lower levels of cholesterol and saturated fat, which are found in abundance in red meat, cheese, and other animal products. Let’s say a study finds vegetarians have a 30 percent lower risk of death from heart disease than omnivores.

All in all, the results of the study show that vegetarian men live 9.5 years longer and vegetarian women live 6.1 years longer than average non-vegetarians. While the statistics sound pretty convincing, it is easy to misread correlation as causation. The numbers don’t lie; the vegetarians did indeed tend to live longer than the non-vegetarians.

“I’m petrified,” the actress said when she shared the news that her breast cancer came back. Here’s why a stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis can be so frightening. Groups like Veganuary will How Many Delta 10 Gummies Should I Take? talk to you about how to ensure you are getting all of the nutrients and vitamins. There’s a couple of methods that are extremely effective at dealing with these “barrier foods”.

Honey is forbidden, being the regurgitation of nectar by bees and potentially containing eggs, excreta and dead bees. Many Jains do not consume plant parts that grow underground such as roots and bulbs, because the plants themselves and tiny animals may be killed when the plants are pulled up. Another common view is that humans are morally conscious of their behavior in a way other animals are not, and therefore subject to higher standards. Jeff McMahan proposes that denying the right to life and humane treatment to animals with equal or greater cognitive abilities than mentally disabled humans is an arbitrary and discriminatory practice based on habit instead of logic. Opponents of ethical vegetarianism argue that animals are not moral equals to humans and so consider the comparison of eating livestock with killing people to be fallacious.

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