Please Let Down Your Jar And I’ll Water Your Camels Too

With adoration they performed

their lustful demonstration, copulation before sleep time

intercourse with a brush

This is the manner by which they like it with such countless creatures

staying there, watching, occupying the space

There is no denying the disarray, the uproar, the hubub

the turmoil, poontang, uproar, congress, nookie

a little mating before ideal time just no doubt

Never be hesitant how about you curve to the rhythm,

the highlight, the energy, the lilt

There are numerous bread rolls close to the cascade, an ecru, a mushroom, a grovel for they are glad to be there, there is no doubt, challenge, examination, sky warbler, spotted crackpot

Keep it inside far beneath the ammunition, the villa the consistent, the wave, coldblooded

developments have been standing by to set it ablaze increment the enthusiasm and the hotness

Red knuckles have been known to happen inside the universe and the organic product bearing plain,

as it could possibly be infectious, so delectable, a decent nourishment for hot tea and flavors, entire nut bars, so intolerable, some place protected external the disastrous heavy storm

Give everything access, be cognizant, don’t keep up hold yourself down feature, the corrosive, rock stone beaver mouth, wide throat, the gospel, hold out despairing refrain

After supper a worthless chaser might do a lot to 44-40 ammo cause you to feel improved, the steady, energizer, enhancer there is goodness getting onto the plane as there are enchanting ladies, no spot other fine fleece, cashmere, fifteen year old scotch is it time you’ve had valuable chances to go against the crackdowns that have misinformed the less lucky, sad apparitions practicing the freedoms to another live wire, an exchange, a deal, get up and ride, a symbol, the quick heron, dark stone, elusive, sliding, enormous side vehicle, party bus, dig, take a plunge, assumptions are coming, fulfill the illusive brain, wipe the slate clean with a forlorn train.

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