TASER Substitute – A Powerful Stun Gun and Pepper Spray Strategy

 TASER Substitute – A Powerful Stun Gun and Pepper Spray Strategy

Don’t have enough money to buy a TASER? Don’t worry! Here’s an original strategy that will allow you to defend yourself just as effectively… using a stun gun and a  .38 special ammo pepper spray.

Here’s what you will need: First, you should get a really powerful stun gun. The higher the voltage, the better. As a protective measure, we recommend any stun gun with a disable pin attached to the end of its wrist strap. That way, if your stun gun is ever taken away from you, the disable pin will be disconnected from the device, preventing the unit from working and being used against you.

Examples of these are:

(1) The Stun Master Multi Function Stun Gun with 2.7 Million Volts;
(2) The 800,000 Volts Cell Phone Stun Gun;
(3) The Stun Master 775,000 Volts Stun Gun.

Don’t worry about such high voltages: these non lethal weapons have low amperage’s that prevent them from doing any lasting harm. To give you an idea, it would take one amp to kill a person. But stun guns only have 3-4 milliamps, which is far below one amp. So despite their high voltage, any of the aforementioned stun guns would still keep your self defense strategy within non-lethal boundaries.

Next, you will need a powerful pepper spray. But not any model. Specifically, we recommend the MACE 10% Pepper Gel with UV Dye Large Model. Why? Contrary to others, the pepper components of this powerful spray are suspended in gel…instead of a liquid stream. This actually helps a lot, specially because the gel is able to propel the pepper formula as far as 18 feet (that’s farther than any other pepper spray and three feet farther than the TASER!). Additionally, a pepper gel provides the strongest blowback protection under windy conditions, which is great for outdoor use (you should always exercise caution in cases like this, anyways, specially if the wind force is too strong).

Because you are going to be using a stun gun as well, we cannot overemphasize the importance of using a Pepper Gel as a very important component of our strategy. The problem with other pepper sprays (in this specific case) is that they maximize the chances of leaving residuals floating in the air. Because your stun weapon’s sparks can ignite flammable liquids such as alcohol (contained as a carrier in some pepper sprays), you should definitively get a Pepper Gel to avoid the chances of that happening (according to MACE, the pepper gel formula is non-flammable, plus you will be safe as long as you follow our instructions).

Now that you know exactly which self defense products to get, here’s the strategy: Always have your stun gun and pepper gel close at hand. Although this may sound rather obvious, you must remember that neither weapon will be useful to you if you keep them at the bottom of your purse, pocket or small suitcase. A holster attached to your belt is a highly desirable option to carry both weapons.

Anytime you find yourself in any situation that might be dangerous (for instance, when walking to your car in a lonely parking lot), carry your stun gun in your non-dominant hand. Be aware of your surroundings. If by any chance someone expresses any kind of hostile intentions towards you, try to keep a safe distance between you and the potential attacker by pushing your stun gun’s fire button. The resulting bright blue sparks and very loud cracking noise may be enough to intimidate him and may even attract the attention of anyone within earshot, maximizing your chances of getting help.

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